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YWCA Hanover is on a mission to Stand Against Racism! We take a Stand Against Racism every day by raising awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism and by building community among those who work for racial justice.

In the pursuit of eliminating racism, YWCA Hanover has formed a Social/Racial Justice Action Coalition led by Deb Smith, Social / Racial Justice Coordinator of YWCA Hanover. The focus of the coalition is to develop initiatives directed towards improving the Hanover community.

Questions? Contact Rosemary Cintron:

Social/Racial Justice Committee Activity

Meeting with Hanover Borough Police Chief Martin and Lt. Bunty

Tuesday, September 22 1:00 pm at the YWCA Hanover

  1. Thank you to the Hanover Police for all their work during the continual protests.
  2. When dealing with mental health issues, they can send people to the hospital. The ER doctor would need to recommend further help. A threshold must be met for help: a danger to themselves or others. Many mental health issues also deal with drugs and alcohol abuse. There is a grant proposal that would allow certain police departments to have a social worker. The police have called True North for help.
  3. Wellness for officers is provided for those wanting to take advantage of therapy sessions.
  4. In dealing with the Black and Hispanic populations in Hanover, the police have more dealings with the Hispanic population. At one point, the police worked with CASA, but they no longer do (new mayor).
  5. We can help the police by keeping them informed of what is happening in the community.
  6. Concern for young people, particularly boys and young men who may be interested in a career in law enforcement and are now joining militias. Talked about the need for a different program and the need to fund it. The Chief and deputy did say they would talk to the school safety officer to see if that might be an avenue.  Also the Deputy is willing to provide some mentorship to any high schooler seriously considering law enforcement. Possible grant opportunity?
  7. Good policing averts many, many issues and saves many lives. This is hard to quantify and the public is unaware of a lot of good that is done. This might be a future topic for a brainstorming session.
  8. Tuesday, January 19th at 1 PM at the YWCA. Maybe a good time to have business community and school representation too?

Police/Community Meeting

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

4:15 pm

Penn Township

Linda Terlizzi, Deb Smith, Chief Guy Hettinger


  1. Police go thru Bias Training every year.
  2. Body cams are on the way.
  3. Challenges in hiring more diverse staff. They attend several Hiring Fairs, plus York Police
  4. Officers need to pass a test, drug test, background check.
  5. Numbers are down of those wanted to be police officers. This is due to the negativity associated with the police.
  6. Crisis Intervention Training: to help deal with the mentally ill. Help in getting them where they need to be (not in prison).
  7. Pilot program in York County: 4-5 Social Workers assigned to different York locations. One will be assigned to Hanover.
  8. Community Action for Discovery and Diversion
  9. Very positive meeting!
  10. Next Meeting: Tuesday, September, 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

1:00 pm

Hanover Borough

  1. The questions were answered except we missed the hiring process.
  2. Due to COVID, many of the police/community events are being cancelled, but in the future they would appreciate the YWCA advertising the events.
  3. Hanover patrolling officers have had body cams since mid 2016 and car cameras since 2012.   Which is great, he did express that cameras cannot always provide all the emotions that the officers may be experiencing but they do provide protection for both the officer and the public.  He really feels these meetings will assist with giving word of mouth to the community, regarding how hard our police departments are trying.
  4. Also if we are aware of any community concerns regarding the police to let him know.
  5. Overall, a really positive meeting, discussing situations that have happened, the two protests, the second one on 6/6/2020, had approximately 350 in attendance they both ended peaceful which is great.  This is just some of the highlights.
  6. We set up our next meeting on 9/22/2020 at 1:00 pm, at the YWCA if this is Okay with the Y.  He had discussed bringing his Lieutenant to the next meeting. Please let me know if you need anything else.  I truly enjoyed meeting Barb and Chief Chad Martin.

Thank you to our Stand Against Racism partners. If your business is interested in placing a Stand Against racism poster in your business, please call YWCA Hanover at 717-637-2125

Stand Against Racism Businesses

  • Collado Cosmetic Lab
  • El Agave mini Market
  • El Rancho Mexican Restaurant
  • Emmanuel UCC
  • Famous Hot Lunch
  • Hanover Area Arts Guild and Gallery
  • Hanover Bowling Centre & Bair’s Den Restaurant & Lounge
  • Hope Salon
  • Just Wellness LLC
  • La Aguitita
  • LifeSmoke Vapors
  • Links Music
  • Menchey Music Service, Inc.
  • Paleteria Tocumbo
  • Pretzel Pizza Café & Creamery
  • Rachel Mummert Photography
  • Readers Café
  • Rock Bottom Climbing, LLC
  • San Marcos Restaurant
  • Simone’s Unlimited
  • South Hanover Lanes
  • St. Matthew Lutheran Church
  • SUPER STORE produce market
  • Susies Mexican Grill at Amish Markets
  • The Circle:
  • The Hotel Hanover
  • TheSeaGypsy19
  • True North Wellness Services
  • Weaver Screen Printing, Inc.