Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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YWCA Hanover Safe Home’s purpose is to provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence in Hanover PA and the surrounding communities, using strategies to improve the safety and well-being of victims and their children. You can help support this mission by donating to us through Purple Purse via the link below.

Purple Purse

Help us acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness Month by participating in 31 Ways in 31 Days! Print a list and follow along all month!

Download List Here

31 Ways in 31 Days to Recognize Domestic Violence Awareness Month

YWCA Hanover Safe Home

October 1          Add a Purple Ribbon to your Facebook profile picture

October 2          Contact Safe Home and ask about Domestic Violence Awareness Activities taking place there this month

October 3          Donate to the YWCA Hanover Safe Home Purple Purse Challenge

October 4          Ask your employer if they have a domestic violence policy; if not, encourage them to create one

October 5          Pick up a purple ribbon to wear at the reception desk of YWCA Hanover

October 6          Commit to adopt a local shelter for the holidays and send the families and individuals staying there clothing, toys, and gift cards

October 7          Share a domestic violence fact on Facebook or Pinterest

October 8          Tell Someone they matter

October 9          Visit the YWCA Hanover Safe Home resource table at the Guthrie Memorial Library from 10am-2PM

October 10       Have a moment of self-care (meditate, sit quietly or exercise)

October 11       Listen to Safe Home and Love Lives on WHVR-AM and FM “Better Living Radio” program from 10-11 AM (1280AM and 95.3 FM) or Livestream from computer

October 12       Ask your church or place of worship to include a domestic violence survivor speaker

October 13       Become a volunteer at a domestic violence shelter

October 14       Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper

October 15       Talk about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships at your family meal

October 16       Conduct a garage or yard sale and donate proceeds to your local domestic violence program

October 17       Educate your favorite teenager on dating violence

October 18       Learn about bystander intervention

October 19       Review the services offered by Safe Home on the YWCA Hanover website

October 20       Ask your employer to donate to the Purple Purse Challenge

October 21       Organize a moment of silence in honor of victims/survivors

October 22       Encourage athletic coaches to talk to their teams about the importance of respect and non-violence

October 23       Research the positions candidates running for elected office have on domestic violence, dating violence and stalking

October 24       Contact your local representative and let them know why VOCA, VAWA, FVPSA Federal Programs are important for survivors

October 25       “Like” the YWCA Hanover Facebook page

October 26       Mark your calendar to plan to attend the Safe Home Vigil in April  

October 27       Organize an event at a school or college campus to show your support for domestic violence awareness

October 28       Wear purple today

October 29       Take a selfie or group photo and post it on social media using hashtag #Nomoreviolence

October 30       Honor victims by submitting names to “Remember My Name”

October 31       Place a purple ribbon on your door for Trick or Treaters to see