Brundibar a Children’s Opera: Auditions

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Brundibar a Children’s Opera: Auditions

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BrundibarYWCA Hanover will be holding auditions for students in 1st-6th grade. Each student will be expected to sing an 8-16 bar except from a song. There will be an accompanist at auditions to play your audition piece. Performances are Friday, September 8: 6 pm and Saturday, September 9: 1:00 pm

For a rehearsal schedule and more information, please get in touch with Deb Smith at
The production and presentation of Brundibar has been made possible by a Welcoming Communities 2023 Grant from the York County Cultural Alliance.

Brundibar is a children’s opera performed 55 times during the Holocaust at Theresienstadt, a concentration camp. The story follows a brother and sister, Little Joe and Annette, who need to buy milk for their sick mother but have no money. They see the organ-grinder, Brundibár, playing his hurdy-gurdy on the street corner and collecting money from the townspeople. The children decide to sing and collect money, but they are laughed at and chased away by Brundibár.

As night approaches, a group of animals encourages the children to stand up to the organ grinder. The next morning, with the help of the neighborhood children, they sing a charming lullaby that earns them money from the townspeople. Brundibár tries to steal their money, but after a brief chase, he is caught, and the children sing a song of victory.