1920 - 2017

eliminating racism

empowering women




Who We Are

The YWCA Hanover is a girls and women’s membership organization. Girls must be age 12 or older to join but must be 15 or over to have the right to vote in any proceeding which members are called for to vote. A girl or woman joins the YWCA because she wishes to participate in a program, serve as a leader, further the YWCA mission, and/or support the YWCA.

Boys and men can join as “associate members” but do not have the right to vote in membership matters.

Membership Fees
Children (12 to 18 years): $15 annually
Adults (18 to 61 years): $50 annually
Senior Citizen (62 and up): $40 annually
Family (2 or more members of a household): $75 annually

Membership Application