1920 - 2017

eliminating racism

empowering women




How You Can Help

Volunteers come to the YWCA for a variety of reasons. The reason stated most often is they are passionate about our mission-eliminating racism, empowering women. Many volunteers are women yet boys and men are most welcome to become volunteers. All ages can become engaged but minors (under 18 years) are required to have written consent from parents or guardians.

YWCA Hanover is seeking volunteers for the following areas:

Board Members Must be 21 years or older and female
Committee Members Must be 21 years or older female or male
Book Sale Organizers Age 15 and up with parental permission
Child Care Book Readers Must be 21 years or older and have Clearances
Marketing Must have knowledge of marketing and know how to type and use Microsoft Office products
Clerical Experience filing, answering phones, typing is Helpful
Maintenance Experience with plumbing, carpentry, repair
Outdoor Beautification Tasks will include but not limited to weed control, trimming hedge, trash pick up, washing windows and screens, sweeping sidewalks, and keeping outside beautiful
Book Sale Volunteers Volunteers Needed to set up Thursday 11/5 8am-2pm. Also during entire event to assist with sales, customer assistance, and book sorting. Sunday 11/8 3-5pm for tear down & clean up. Lunch provided 11/5